Corporate Credit Research, Bond Selection Tools, Equity Valuation Reports

Sixty Guilders offers tools for valuing corporate credits/equities, building portfolios, and managing risk.


  • Corporate Credit Ranking

  1. Beneficial for the construction and maintenance of corporate fixed income portfolios.
  • Equity Valuation Ranking

  1. Useful in identifying equity securities with superior credit quality, equity "cheapness" or any combination of credit quality and equity appeal.
  • Comprehensive Valuation Reports

  1. Analysis of more than 1000 companies in our coverage universe. Includes relative value analysis between bond yields and equity return, a decomposition of equity return between yield and expected growth, as well as a detail review of expected stock price ranges based on historical and relative value characteristics.
  3. Excluding insurance companies our coverage universe includes the remaining members of the Dow Jones Industrials Average, the S&P 500 Index, all public equity companies with index-eligible public debt rated B3/B- (Moodys/S&P) or above, as well select CCC rated issuers.  This universe, includes US, Canadian, UK, as well as select European corporations.


Objective credit research is imperative for bond/stock selection and risk management.


Sixty Guilders Value Research offers tools to investment professionals that help them build and maintain portfolios of corporate bonds and equities – empowering them to make security selection decisions based on objective data and analysis.